PUBLIC Amateur

Another uni semester is finally over, THANK GOODNESS! This semester I enrolled in taking an introduction to photography unit as an elective. We had various projects in order to conquer the basics of the camera (no easy task I found).

Stormie Mills

Stormie Mills

Stormie Mills

One of these projects involved capturing different elements of an urban environment. I choose to shoot the wonderful initiative by Form Gallery, PUBLIC. PUBLIC saw over a period of nine days, 45 artists demonstrate their expertise on 30 Walls in Perth and the Pilbara. Involved were both WA, Australian and International artists using the different urban environments as their canvas’.




Last Chance


I shot these photos back in April this year, anyone in Perth I’m sure would have already seen the various works around the city or heard about the project at the time. If you haven’t get onto to Form’s website for the locations and take an afternoon to explore and appreciate them, they will knock your socks off.




I focused only on the Wilson car park on Murray Street near Form Gallery for my project as this had lots of my favourite artists works. I hope you can forgive my amateur hour photos and how late I am to post about this Perth event, but still appreciate the amazing talent of the artists’ works.



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