Dream On- Romance Was Born AW14

SOMEWHERE DRESSDelinquent Cut Out Dress

Finally!! Latest collection- ‘Dream On’ by my favourite Australian designers, Romance Was Born, has hit retailer’s racks in a kaleidoscope of colours and mash of dominant and delicate prints. Oyster Magazine described the collection as a “slouchy, street wear take on 60s girl power and a party-starting one at that”. ‘Dream On’ is yet another wonderful homage to the designers whom always stay true to their foundations of elaborate prints and wearable forms. For this collection RWB teamed up with Californian dreamer and artist, Alia Penner, who is responsible for the garments explosive illustrations and slogans.


Oyster Mag. Dream On

Creative masterminds, Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales are the tour de force behind the label, which since its creation in 2005 has built an internationally renowned reputation through its eccentric and theatrical designs. Plunkett and Sales commitment to their ingenious vision even extends to their runway shows in which they transform the space into a “dreamscape” setting to reflect their garments themes. Their ‘Mushroom Magic’ S14 show saw artists, Pip and Pop commissioned to construct a “sparkling wonderland”, in which audiences were able to first view the designer’s Alice in Wonderlandesque pieces.Past collections have also included artist collaboration with Del Kathryn Barton, Kate Rohde and (a personal favourite in which I spent all my monies on) with the extraordinary, Ebony Bizy behind Hello Sandwich.

Two Thousands Dream OnOyster Mag. Dream On


‘Dream On’ is (I think) yet another triumph for RWB whom perfectly summarises it as “fun and hopeful, peppered with motifs like butterflies, stars and rainbows, the message from Romance Was Born is loud and clear – peace and love for all kind”. Well one can’t argue with that.

But enough of what I think, what do YOU think…

Anna Plunkett & Luke Sales


All images via Romance Was Born, Oyster Magazine, The Design Files and Two Thousand.

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