Seminyak, Bali

Twenty Fourteen well and truly has begun. To begin the New Year a friend and I embarked on a fleeting trip to Seminyak, Bali. We had, a few months previous, after countless glasses of pinot, decided to impulsively embrace an Air Asia sale and book flights to Denpasar.

For any readers who read my Gili Islands post, you will know that Indonesia has never been on my list of top places to visit. Until now. All preconceived attitudes towards Bali have been put aside as I join the chorus of antipodeans praising the tropical island and all it offers.

To begin with, I some how lucked out by finding unbelievable accommodation at, Villa Karisa. Villa Karisa is a wonderful introduction for any first timers to Bali. We some how ended up being upgraded to a little wooden love shack with an outside bathroom, which I can only assume is generally reserved for honeymooning couples and not skint students. Villa Karisa’s lush open plan setting easily tempts you to boycott the rest of Bali and simply spend the day lying by the pool. If you do manage to will yourself away here are a few places we found and loved.





KZU situated on Jalan Drupadi offers a variety of fusion cuisine. The restaurant is easily missed but a wonderful space when found. Its high ceilings and industrial cement and metal interior make it a perfect place to escape the grind of Jalan Raya, Seminyak.


At the opposite end of town near the local market another favourite was Rumba Fruit ‘n’ Rhythm. This little tucked away café has a wonderful selection of freshly squeezed juices and other quality temptations. For any gentleman that find their way to Rumba, it co-inhabits its space with a barbers which is located up a spiral staircase, with great street views from its floor to ceiling glass widows.


If you are like us, and you are constricted for time, as we were, make sure you make the trip out to Uluwatu, about an hour out of Seminyak.First visit the temple on the breathtaking cliffs, then head for a beer at the Delphi Rock Lounge and a dip at Blue Water eternity pool over looking the endless turquoise ocean.

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There are so many other great discoveries to be found in this beautiful country and especially if you have the time to get out and explore the rest of Bali and Indonesia outside the popular tourist spots.


You can see my photo’s of the trip here.

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