Cliff Jumping New Years Day

Blackwall Reach

After a relatively tame New Years Eve, I spent New Years Day with a close friend who was visiting from Sydney. Due to financial restraints we decided to face the day’s activities with the attitude that the best things in life are free…


With this in mind I suggested Cliff Jumping at Blackwall Reach near Point Walter. I had never been and had always wanted to. It truly is places like Blackwall Reach that make the saying, ‘West is Best,’ appropriate.

On arrival we surveyed exactly where we would be launching ourselves off. It was high. Very high! A lot higher then other jumpers filtered Instagram photos gave credit. After many minutes clinging to the side and multiple countdowns, whilst five year olds seemed to hurl themselves with ease and no fear from all around us, (like Apocalypticmeteors), we decided to forgo the 11 metre cliff.


We relocated to the smaller cliffs further down. After some repeated anxious behavior, with multiple count downs, a kind stranger obliged us by jumping in, first in sacrifice and to ease our minds that there were no peckish bull sharks lurking about the bottom, waiting to eat us. We then FINALLY jumped!!


It was great, terrifying but great!

So after a fabulous day being one with nature, I bid my friend adieu and bon von age, (the lucky duck is moving to France in March) and concluded that some times the best things in life are in fact free.


If you would like to see more photos of the stunning Blackwall Reach (the photos don’t do any near the justice deserved) you can here.

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