The Myer Project

Over the past few years Perth has been privy to an escalation of creative initiatives, resourcefully re-inhabiting derelict and disused buildings. Many of these sweeping successes can be credited to not-for-profit organisation, SpaceMarket.

SpaceMarket has been responsible for many spaces being revitalised in Perth’s and Fremantle’s urban city centres and surrounding suburbs. Spacemarket’s projects include the Moana Chambers & Moana Coffee, the King Street Studio and The Perth Artifactory, to name but a few.

This month saw another shining example of their collaborations with the unveiling of the highly anticipated Myer Project. The Myer Project is the transformation of the long time vacant Myer building in Fremantle. The former towering retail mass has now been converted into a multistory pop up shop. The Myer Project is brimming to the rim with local designers, artists and creative folk, offering their unique wares. As reported by Six Thousand, The Myer Project, which will be an important part of Fremantle until August 2014, is just getting started. Each of the building’s different floors offer an array of retail delights ranging across areas of beauty, food, clothes and art. Familiar local highlights include Kate & Abel, Sue Lewis Chocolatier, Wild Horses and On a Whim. There are further proposals to install a rooftop bar and garden, with views of Fremantle.

The Myer Project in Fremantle is where it’s all at, and is just another example, in a long list of captivating sites to be experienced by all.

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