Suitcase Garden

We lived for a year in a tiny one bedroom flat with only a teeny tiny balcony for our plants. This tutorial is great for those of you with limited out-door space that you still want it to look great.

Tools: Suitcase, Bin Liners, Drill, Plants, Soil and Pegs


First of all you need to source your materials for those of you that are local followers you should all check out Melville Market. Visitors to the markets can always get a great selection of plants there from one the stall holders this morning we were lucky enough to get plants from the lovely, Maria. Melville Markets is every Sunday morning at Melville Plaza but get down early!


Once you have all the items required you will need to line your suitcase, I just used degradable bin lines but you can use anything similar.Once you have lined your suitcase use peg to keep the plastic in place and drill holes into the suitcase base for drainage. You usually need at least twelve.


Once this is done pour soil into the suitcase. Once you have filled your suitcase with soil cut the excess plastic off that is hanging over the edge.


 Then plant your herbs or flowers I had my parents new puppy, Daisy Duke, to help with the planting.


Once you have finished planting you will have a great garden taking up little to no space while still looking great!


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