Vintage suitcases covered in material

I have always had a weakness for vintage suitcases; I am forever saving them from the local op and tip shops. Sadly due to their age they are sometimes in a little need of alteration, and TLC is sometimes needed to restore them. Similar to my weakness for collecting suitcases, I am equally a sucker to forever buying material. This weekend I decided to combine the two!

So here’s how it goes.



Vintage Suitcases


Fabric Scissor

Fabric Glue

Rotary Cutter

Fabric pen or pencil

I paired up my various cuts of material with the different colours of the suitcases. Next it is an important thing to make sure your suitcases are clean. Just give them a quick wipe down to get rid of any dust or dirt.


Then measure you material across the case. Next step, trace around the edge using the groove as a guide and cut around the edge of the trace, leaving extra around the trace material, which you will cut off later.


Once you have done this, using your fabric glue, paint onto the top of the suitcase. Start at one end and only paint a little bit at a time, as the glue will dry fast. As you paint the case, smooth the material over the painted area.


Once you have completely covered the case, get a bread knife and tuck the excess material into the groove around the edge of the suitcase, then grab your rotary cutter and gently cut away the excess material.


Then ta da, you have a beautifully covered suitcase by yours truly.


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