Tissue Paper Pom Pom’s

My sister recently turned 21 and decided to celebrate in true style Mexican Fiesta themed party! So what better way to do decorations for this, especially on a student budget, than to make big, beautifully coloured, paper pom pom’s.



Sharp scissors

Tissue paper



Firstly, get your tissue paper and make sure you have a stack of 8 sheets. Then estimate a size of about 3-5cm and start to fold the tissue paper.


(Hint: Fold the tissue paper like you would if you were making a fan similar, to how you would have done it in primary school).


Once you folded the entire tissue paper, fold it in half and cut the edge into either a half moon or triangle, depending on which you prefer.


Tie the string around the middle of the folded tissue paper, remembering that the string must be long enough to hang the pom pom once it is created.Therefore, make sure you have a minim of 30cm in length.


Now for the slightly tricky part…

Then, holding one side of the folded tissue paper, gently start pulling the tissue paper apart, one sheet from one another. Don’t worry if you tear the paper a little, you won’t notice once all is pulled out.


Once you have done one side, do the other again.  Do not worry if you flatten the tissue paper as you can fix it up once you have finished.

Once you have done this hang your pom pom. Make sure all the pieces of the tissue paper are pulled out. You now have your first of many fantastic decorations.


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