Paper Doily Lantern

Our new house, which we are renting, has those very cheap Ikea paper lanterns for lamp shades, in every room, which I strongly dislike. Last week I went about improving them. I triumphed over the despised lantern by spending less than ten dollars!



Paper lantern

Paper doilies

Double sided tape


First of all get yourself some paper doilies, the ones you would expect to see accompanying your grandparent’s cucumber sandwiches, at their local bowling club, when they come in from the green for morning tea.


Fold the doilies in half and cut about half of the packet. You will also need to cut the one with more of a curve for the top of the lantern.


Once you have done this, starting from the top and using your double sided tape. Stick the doilies to the lantern and work your way around the lantern, over lapping the doilies.


I placed my lanterns in a bowl to balance it and to make sure it didn’t move.


These lanterns look equally if not better in a garden as well as inside!



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